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    Digital Associate Germany Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC)  logo

    Digital Assistant, FNCD

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    The Digital Assistant position at the Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) involves supporting the Food and Nature team in implementing digital campaigns related to climate change, voluntary carbon markets, nature protection, and sustainable farming. The role requires experience in digital marketing, familiarity with digital metrics, creativity in content creation, and a passion for addressing climate change. The ideal candidate should be fluent in English, adaptable to a fast-paced work environment, and committed to inclusivity in climate action.


    • Supporting colleagues in implementing and reporting on digital campaigns
    • Posting content on social media platforms
    • Setting up ads on social media and search engines
    • Writing copy for graphics, videos, and websites
    • Producing video content
    • Organizing message testing and digital metrics
    • Completing research tasks such as social listening and media monitoring
    • Performing administrative tasks


    • First professional experience in digital marketing or digital campaigning
    • Familiarity with digital metrics
    • Eye for design and familiarity with content creation tools
    • Passion and creativity for constant experimentation
    • Fluency in written and spoken English
    • Interest in addressing climate change
    • Ability to work in a global community
    • Versatile and adaptable skills for a fast-paced work environment
    • Commitment to an inclusive approach to facing climate change


    • Remote-first international network
    • Dynamic and culturally diverse team
    • Opportunities to connect and collaborate globally
    • Full-time position with a consultant or employment contract for 12 months
    • Renewal possibility after one year
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