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    Waste Management Consultant

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    The Waste Management Consultant position in Meteti, Panama, focuses on improving solid waste management in the Bajo Chiquito community by implementing efficient and culturally appropriate measures. The consultant will work on diagnosing the current waste management situation, designing tailored strategies, and implementing solutions in collaboration with the community and stakeholders. The goal is to address environmental challenges posed by the influx of refugees and migrants in transit through the community, promoting sustainability and environmental resilience. The consultant will also conduct awareness programs and training sessions for the community members and establish monitoring mechanisms for the implemented initiatives.


    • Conduct detailed analysis of current waste management situation
    • Develop strategies and policies for waste management
    • Implement waste management solutions
    • Collaborate with community members and stakeholders


    • Degree in relevant field
    • Several years of work experience in waste management
    • Experience in working with communities
    • Knowledge of environmental impact assessments


    • Opportunity to work on a meaningful project
    • Collaboration with diverse stakeholders
    • Contribution to environmental sustainability
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