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    Case Manager - Non-national children

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    The Case Manager - Non-national children is responsible for implementing the Comprehensive Case Management of non-national children coming to the attention of the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (CATT). They will provide care and protection to unaccompanied, separated, and trafficked children, and work towards establishing family and community-based alternative care arrangements. The main responsibilities include managing the recruitment and support of caregivers, providing case management services, coordinating with relevant stakeholders, and advocating for the protection rights of the children.


    • Manage, promote, implement and monitor the programme for recruitment, mobilization, support and supervision of caregivers (including Foster Carers) for migrants and care supporters, and the establishment of community-based child protection committees to support alternative care.
    • Provide case management services to non-national children found to be in need of care and protection and received into care.
    • Ensure that interventions are informed by and integrated with other core sectors of education, health, nutrition, food security and livelihoods.
    • Facilitate coordination among CATT, child protection and/or national security actors who have a role in the provision and or supervision of alternative care arrangements.
    • Initiate and/or carry out capacity-building of key national staff and local stakeholders in specific care, case management and child protection competencies including appropriate approaches, where needed.
    • Initiate and/or carry out capacity-building for caregivers and community stakeholders in specific care and child protection standards and approaches.
    • Establish and/or strengthen processes and mechanisms at community levels which support identification, monitoring and response to the care and protection concerns of non-national children found to be in need of care and protection children.
    • Closely coordinate with key stakeholders to ensure that the primary focus of children in alternative care remains on family tracing and reunification or other durable solutions.
    • Assist with ongoing assessments of care providers and vetting of interim care provisions based on global and national standards, principles and practice.
    • Ensure adequate monitoring and follow up for children in residential facilities. Advocate for and plan programme for their transition into family or community-based care options as an alternative option.
    • Suggest and support advocacy interventions to address any risks or violations of the children’s protection rights for those children in and in need of interim care.
    • Maintain a database containing demographic information and case files on non-national children receiving care and regularly follow-up with children, caregivers and care supporters in alternative care and facilitate quarterly briefing sessions, focus groups and training.
    • Receive training on Best Interest Determination (BID), prepare reports and participate in BID panel.
    • Create monthly reports on the number of unaccompanied, separated and trafficked children benefitting from intervention of the CATT and identifying gaps, challenges, lessons learned, good practices and recommendations.
    • Provide monthly reports to CATT line supervisor/designated test@test.test.
    • Assist in the translation of reports (Spanish to English and English to Spanish) as required for the assessment of children.


    • Advanced university degree in Social Work, Child Psychology, or another relevant field.
    • A minimum of 3 years of experience within international organizations, NGO and/or government env
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