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    Senior Specialist in Employment Policy and Management

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    The position is located in the Department Management and Coordination Unit (DMCU) of the Employment Policy, Job Creation and Livelihoods Department (EMPLYOMENT). EMLOYMENT is responsible for promoting full and productive employment by developing integrated employment, development and skills policies that are inclusive, gender sensitive and sustainable. The Department promotes policy frameworks and partnerships that aim at generating more quality employment opportunities, and contributes to and advocates for knowledge and capacity building on employment-related issues. At the country level, the Department supports ILO constituents to develop, implement and monitor coordinated and context specific policies and programmes for more and better jobs, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups. The DMCU is responsible for supporting the Director of the Department and providing guidance to the Department in all management areas, including programming, financing, human resources and communication. It is also responsible to coordinate interventions, research and the DC portfolio of the Department. The DMCU also provides policy advice, including at country level and through the Global Accelerator and covers certain research areas that are in demand and not covered by any of the branches. The main role of the position is twofold, on the one had providing policy advice based on research and on the other hand oversee all management areas as described above. The position is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Department on a managerial as well as on a technical level. In his/her function as policy advisor, the Senior Specialist works in collaboration with the other specialists in the Department and the EMPLYOMENT Global technical team, multilateral partners, including development banks and international financial institutions and UN agencies at the country, regional levels and global level. In his/her function as Head of DMCU the Senior Specialist works closely with all relevant Departments in the ILO, including PROGRAM, FINANCE, HR and DCOMM. The incumbent works under direct supervision of the Director of the Department.


    • Lead the work of the Department Management and Coordination Unit (DMCU)
    • Provide policy advice based on research
    • Oversee all management areas of the department
    • Lead the design, development, implementation, monitoring, and promotion of related programs, strategies, approaches, and policies
    • Provide thought leadership in areas of importance to ILO constituents and other stakeholders
    • Review and facilitate the strengthening and effective implementation of inclusive institutional, legal, and policy frameworks


    • Experience in employment policy and management
    • Strong research and analytical skills
    • Excellent leadership and management abilities
    • Knowledge of international labor standards and social dialogue
    • Ability to provide policy and technical advice
    • Experience in program development and implementation
    • Ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders
    • Strong communication and advocacy skills


    • Opportunity to contribute to the promotion of full and productive employment
    • Work in a diverse and inclusive environment
    • Opportunity for thought leadership and policy influence
    • Collaboration with international partners and organizations
    • Competitive salary and benefits package
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