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    Master Thesis or Internship: Development of Large-Scale Data Monitoring System for High throughput Streaming and Real-time Analysis of Data Intensive Scientific Equipments

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    The job is a Master Thesis or Internship opportunity at the Institute for Process Data Processing and Electronics (IPE). The main task is to develop a large-scale data monitoring system for high-throughput streaming and real-time analysis of data-intensive scientific equipment. The system will be used in scientific pilot experiments, including the KATRIN experiment. The responsibilities include collaborating with the team, designing and developing algorithms and data structures, implementing software components, testing and debugging the system, optimizing its performance, and documenting the development process. The required qualifications include very good knowledge and practical experience with Python and web development programming languages, and a good understanding of cloud architecture development and/or database storage. The contract duration is 6 months.


    • Build a data monitoring system for data intensive scientific equipment
    • Use data processing and statistical methods for real-time data evaluation
    • Identify high-value targets for further analysis
    • Work closely with a team of experienced researchers and engineers
    • Design and implement a robust system for processing and analyzing large volumes of data in real-time
    • Integrate the system with existing data acquisition systems
    • Test, debug, and optimize the system
    • Document the development process
    • Collaborate with scientists to integrate the system into the overall data analysis workflow


    • Very good knowledge and practical experience with Python and Web-development programming languages
    • Good understanding of cloud architecture development or/and database storage is a plus

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